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What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?
Lymphatic drainage Massage is a specialised massage treatment using specific techniques to
ensure your body has the ability to heal itself as well as rejuvenate and establish resistance to all
types of stress. It encourages the natural circulation of lymph throughout the body.

Drainage is essential because the lymphatic system lacks a pump of its own to transport lymph
through the body and must rely on movement and massage to flush the fluid.

It is not a muscular massage but a harmonious light pressure treatment using mechanical
movement and stretching of connective tissues to facilitate decongestion of lymph nodes. The
massage pressure needs to be light to address the lymphatic fluid as 75% of lymph fluid sits just
below the surface of the skin above muscle tissue.

Lymphatic drainage massage assists fluid to flow throughout the body and also improves
circulation and toxin removal.

Lymphatic drainage massage treatment can also be combined or intergrated with other massage
therapies such as remedial, relaxation, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Utilising my training and skills you will be guided towards the most beneficial treatment option for you.

What is the Lymphatic System?
The lymphatic system is a major body system and the front line in our defence in fighting bodily
infections, detoxifying the body and transporting metabolic waste, excess fluid, toxins and bacteria
out of the body.

Role of the Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system is your body’s waste disposal unit, acting as a giant detox plant, mopping up daily toxins. Like a giant skip bin in the garden clearing out rubbish. Imagine what happens after decades of not clearing out in the garden, same for your body’s lymphatic system.
• It is part of both the circulatory system and the immune system.
• It assists in maintaining our homeostasis (body balancing health system).
• It picks up excess fluid and protein preventing toxic shock.
• Helps to transport immune competent cells around the body to localise infections.
• Carries food components absorbed from the small intestines to the blood circulation.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage helpful for?
• Lymphatic Drainage massage is helpful in addressing the following conditions:
• Fluid retention – oedema – any type of swelling
• Oedema during pregnancy
• Lymphoedema
• Arthritis
• Pain relief and anti-inflammatory
• Carpal Tunnel syndrome – tennis elbow – golfers elbow – occupational overuse injuries
• Neurology issues – headaches & migraines
• Skin conditions like eczema and acne
• Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
• Post sporting activities or injuries
• Soft tissue injury and bruising
• Sinusitis and hay fever
• Dentistry treatments including tooth removal
• Liposculpture
• Sore dry eyes
• Pre and post surgery for examply arthroscope
• Breast surgery (segmental, simple and total mastectomy)
• Gastro-enterology – constipation and digestive disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Physiological benefits of lymphatic Drainage Massage
Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (resting and healing
part of the nervous system) reducing pain by sedating sensory nerve endings. It also has an anti-
inflammatory effect.

Stimulates the immune system with the passage of lymph through the lymph nodes. According to
research by Dr Bruno Chickly (director of Lymph Drainage Therapy USA) the body produces 30%
more immuno competent cells post lymphatic drainage massage.

Activates lymph function and circulation reducing fluid from interstitial tissues. This leads to greater
tissue health and easier lymphatic flow.

Application of Lymphatic Drainage Massage
The application of lymphatic drainage massage is particularly important, along with timing, direction
and pressure.

Light pressure must be used as 75% of lymph fluid sits just below the skin above muscle tissue.

Massage techniques are slow because lymph fluid moves very slowly. This makes it very effective
and relaxing to the nervous system.

About 1.5 to 2 litres of lymph fluid per day circulates throughout the whole body. However
according to research effective lymphatic drainage massage can increase this to between 10 to 20
litres of lymph fluid per day.

What is the Duration of a Lymphatic Massage Treatment?
A full lymphatic drainage massage treatment is one and a half hours; this is recommended if you suffer from any of the health issues listed above. One hour treatments are also very effective.

What Should I Expect at my first Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatment?
In your first treatment, your lymphatic massage therapist will gain a thorough history and
understanding of your treatment desires or condition to ascertain the most effective treatment for

Lymphatic drainage massage is performed on a massage table with towels and sheets used to protect your modesty. The massage strokes are light and rhythmic, and your lymphatic massage should not be
painful. Arrowroot or corn flour are used instead of massage oil as less glide is needed to engage contact with skin and lymph fluid.

You will also be given lymphatic care guidance at the completion of your first session, so you are
able to continue to assist in the lymphatic drainage process, these include exercises, stretches or
self-massage. You will be encouraged to ask questions of your massage therapist so that you are
fully informed of the process and will support your health needs.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage cannot be used as a treatment if you are suffering with any of the following:
Malignant tumors
Acute viral inflammation
Acute bronchitis
Asthma due to heart problems (related to the vagus nerve)
DVT (deep vein thrombosis)
Arteriosclerosis (possibility of plaque dislodgement)
Undiagnosed abdominal pain
Acute hypotension (extremely low blood pressure)
Hyperthyroidisms (over function of the thyroid)

This information is primarily referenced from:

Rhythm Massage Development and Education
“Manual Lymphatic Drainage For Your Everyday Clinical Practice – Level 1”
Michelle Vassallo, 2020.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

60 minutes $110
90 minutes $150

Private Health Rebates available


Private Health Rebates available


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