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Helen Mison

Remedial Massage Diploma 2001 (NZ College of Massage)
Yoga Teacher Diploma 2010 (Aust Integrated School of Yoga)

Welcome to Serenity Health Studio, I am so happy you found me here.

By way of introduction, I was raised on a farm in Timaru, a small city in the South Island of New Zealand. After completing high school, I moved North to Auckland, working in the food industry and office admin. Once my three children arrived into my world I discovered I had a big interest in good health and started to experiment with some lifestyle changes to optimise our family’s health, such as regular nature walks and fitness, fun times in the outdoors with friends and family, organic food made with love and using personal care and home cleaning products with safe ingredients. Feeling so good, healthy living became a passion for me.

Our Services

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Private Yoga Lessons for One or Two

Yoga means to ‘unite’, to bring together integral wellness of the whole person. Physically it is the perfect
way to care for your body with many benefits such as, improving fitness, flexibility, muscle tone and shedding weight or maintaining your preferred weight. Psychologically it improves concentration, sleep

Trauma Support Yoga Private Lessons & Classes

Trauma support yoga is based on the growing understanding that trauma takes a heavy toll on the body and the brain. When the body absorbs and anticipates trauma, you are more likely to experience hyperarousal, hyper-vigilance, and sometimes an inability to calm yourself.

Massage and Stretch Treatment

Yoga massage combo therapy brings together the combined benefits of gentle yin yoga (easy and restful postures) with massage techniques for a delightful self-care experience.

Massage modalities best


Remedial & Relaxation Massage Therapy

With 19 years of massage experience, Helen is at the leading edge of massage and soft tissue therapy. Her passion is helping to free you from pain, tension, poor posture and stress and to support you to live your ideal lifestyle.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage​

The lymphatic system is a major body system and the front line in our defense in fighting bodily infections, detoxifying the body and transporting metabolic waste, excess fluid, toxins and bacteria out of the body.

Massage and Stretch Treatment

Yoga massage combo treatments bring together the combined benefits of gentle yin yoga (easy and restful postures) with massage techniques for a delightful self care experience.

Massage modalities best suited to your needs are used

The Infinity of Beauty & Indulgence

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