Yoga means to ‘unite’, to bring together integral wellness of the whole person. Physically it is the perfect way to care for your body with many benefits such as:

  • improved fitness
  • flexibility
  • muscle tone
  • shedding weight or maintaining your preferred weight

Psychologically it improves concentration, sleep and helps to develops self-awareness.

Private yoga lessons are approached in an efficient way, allowing one-to-one time with you, developing and refining correct protocol of breathing and movement to optimise your body’s functionality for your yoga practice and life.

The emphasis in these lessons is on progression and is aided by implementing lifestyle changes to improve quality of sleep, posture, strength of body and mind and general well being. You will benefit and learn from a highly skilled teacher with over 20 years personal yoga practice and more than 10 years teaching yoga, dedicated to delivering lessons to meet your personal health goals.

Private yoga lessons will help you discover a deep yoga practice in a short amount of time. For those working through rehabilitation, illness or injury, are time-poor or prefer individualised attention, then personal yoga lessons will bring you the mental and physical strength, focus and relaxation you need.

Prior to your first lesson a thorough wellness assessment will take place to determine your yoga needs, a lesson program is then developed to meet your needs. Private yoga lessons have a therapeutic approach, depending on your personal needs or recovery requirements.
Private yoga lessons help support:

  • Progression of your current classes or personal practice
  • Rehabilitation from injury
  • Back and specific body care
  • Pain management
  • Strengthening and increased fitness
  • Integration of mind and body (psychosomatic) wellbeing
  • Weight management
  • Posture correction
  • Stress management
  • Relaxation & Restoration

Private Yoga for One
Single Lesson 60 minutes $110
Package 5 x 60 minute lessons $495

Private Yoga for Two
Single Lesson 60 minutes $160
Package 5 x 60 minute Lessons $725

All private yoga lessons are for 70 minutes, this includes 10 minutes for pre and post lesson personalised care and guidance to assist with your yoga lessons and lifestyle.

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