Private health insurance is available for this massage service.

Yoga and massage combo treatments bring together the combined benefits of gentle
yin yoga (easy and restful postures) with massage techniques for a delightful self-care

Massage modalities best suited to your needs are used, including relaxation, remedial,
myofascial stretching, deep tissue and trigger point release.

Your body is positioned on the massage table into comfortable easy yoga positions.
These positions are suitable to meet your body’s needs and your level of flexibility. With
relaxed breathing guidance and massage your body, mind and nervous system are able
to move into a relaxed state of deep release.

Special massage and stretching techniques are used to help release tightness and
tension in muscles and fascia (connective tissues) through your body, this helps create
the release of emotional and mental stresses.

Since most people experience stress physically and emotionally, yoga and massage
combo treatments are the perfect way to promote deep rest, restoration and self-care.


Massage and Stretch Treatment

60 minutes $110

90 minutes $150

Yoga Massage Combo Treatment Options

All yoga lessons and massage treatments have an additional 10 minutes added, for pre and post treatment personalised care and guidance, to best assist with your treatments and lifestyle.

90 Minute Massage Packages

60 Minute Massage Packages

Massage options can also be shared with your spouse/partner

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